Should I take my baby/child to his/her regularly scheduled well-child appointments?

Yes. It is important to continue with regularly scheduled pediatric appointments and to continue with vaccinations as scheduled. These efforts will help protect your baby/child from other illnesses and will assure your baby/child grows and develops properly. Some providers may choose alternative options for routine check-ups for low-risk patients, such as altering the frequency or method of appointments (for example, offering appointments virtually via telehealth), or providing well-child and sick-child care at different times of the day or in separate spaces. Make sure that your contact information, including phone number and email, are always up-to-date with your healthcare providers so these changes can be communicated to you timely and easily. Make sure to call and notify your baby’s healthcare provider before visiting if you or your baby have COVID-19.

Updated: November 18, 2020

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